Dongguan Feihu Logistics Co., Ltd.


About US

About US

Dongguan Feihu Logistics Co., Ltd. is a young logistics company, full of energy, the company's main range:

1 international air transport, direct cooperation with airlines.

2. International express delivery business, DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, EMS middle east line, door-to-door service, the Dongguan free home, aging protection and affordable.

3 domestic logistics; direct general cargo highway transportation, LTL stowage, vehicle, the line, transport machinery and equipment and special transportation service and so on.

4 Traditional logistics services (shipping, warehousing, distribution), modern logistics (logistics planning, planning, logistics cost accounting, high-end logistics service (transfinite transport, transport of dangerous goods, turn warehouse transport and write the declaration, transfer)


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